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PhD, M.D. Elena Goltsova


Assessment of neck lines: development and validation of IBSA photographic scale
16 December 2023
Abstract. Background: An increasing number of patients are seeking neck rejuvenation treatments, and different brands of HA fillers can be used to treat horizontal neck lines with favourable results. However, validated, standardized scales to grade the severity of horizontal neck wrinkles are lacking. Aim: to describe the development and validation of the 5-grade photographic IBSA Neck Lines Scale. Methods: 2 photographs were selected to create 5 morphed images of increasing visibility of the lines on the neck anatomical area. Fifty images of which half morphed and half real-life, were validated and assessed according to a 5-image scale by 5 experts who had previously undergone a specific training split into 2 rounds, 30 days apart, with the aim of evaluating inter- and intra-rater reliability. Results: Single-rater kappa scores ranging between 0.63 and 0.82, and a global kappa score of 0.75 were calculated as to intra-rater reliability, whereas when inter-rater agreement was assessed by an intra-class correlation coefficient, scores higher than 0.85 were observed. These results indicate excellent reliability. Conclusions: The IBSA Neck Lines Scale has proven to be a reliable and consistent assessment tool.
Key words: neck lines, photographic scale, aesthetic medicine, scale development, scale validation
Hybrid cooperative complexes of H-HA and L-HA (Profhilo®) and the BAP technique for facial skin bioremodeling: a clinical experience at the NEO-Clinic (Tyumen, Russia)
02 February 2020
Hyaluronic acid (HA) is increasingly in demand as a dermal agent for the correction of age-related soft tissue defects, such as skin laxity, loss of hydration, wrinkle formation and roughening of skin texture. IBSA Pharmaceuticals’ Profhilo® is the first BDDE-free injectable formulation of thermally-stabilized, cooperative hybrid HA complexes which efficacy has been proven both in vitro and in several independent published clinical studies.This monocentric retrospective observational study tests the efficacy and tolerability of the clinical use of Profhilo according to the specifically-developed 5-injection point Bio-Aesthetic Points (BAP) technique for facial skin bioremodeling and treatment of laxity of the malar and submalar areas.
At the speed of sound
27 June 2019
Body modeling resembles the work of a sculptor, when you want to remove excess material and get the body of your dreams. It is not always possible to achieve this only through fitness and dieting because of the notorious "fat traps". The new technology of ultrasonic liposuction was developed especially for working with them.
Biomodeling of the face and neck in the bio-aesthetic point technique
06 September 2018
To prevent and correct age-related changes in the face and neck area, we successfully use Profhilo® injections in the bio-aesthetic point technique (BET). Profhilo® (Ibsa, Italy) is a unique preparation containing high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid (2 ml 3.2%, 32 mg (H-HA) + 32 mg (L-HA), produced by a patented method without chemical modification.
The play of light and shadow
06 March 2018
So, what are the basic rules for placing light accents on the face? First of all, the cheekbone area, the lips, the back of the nose and the chin, the lateral edge of the upper eyelid.
Perioral rejuvenation: experience with a combined protocol of fractional CO2 laser treatment and injection methods
06 January 2018
The combined use of botulinum therapy, fractional CO2-laser treatment and injectable contour plastics for correction of age-related changes in the perioral area was substantiated. The effectiveness of the method proposed by the author is confirmed by several clinical examples.
Non-surgical rejuvenation of periorbital area
06 May 2017
Combined anti-ageing correction of the periorbital area can be presented in different variants. For example, a combination of botulinum therapy, fractional CO2 photothermolysis, microfocused ultrasound with imaging, and contouring. What aspects that can affect the result of cosmetic treatment should a physician consider in order to properly form an individual program for a particular patient? And what should be the sequence of procedures to achieve the best effect?
Emphasis in aesthetic facial correction
23 February 2017
How to make your face younger with contouring, preserving its unique features? What
should a doctor take into account when performing modeling and lifting? What is the play of light and shadow and why is it so important to pay attention to this play?
Correction of age-related changes. Neck and décolletage
16 September 2015
The neck and décolleté are delicate areas that require extra attention. But often we cannot use the full range of procedures that we successfully use in the face area. Age-related skin changes in the neck and décolletage area are characterized by both a general decrease in skin tone and the formation of wrinkles and folds. How to correct them and do it successfully?
IncobotulinumtoxinA in aesthetics: russian multidisciplinary expert consensus recommendations
06 June 2015
Although there are various international consensus recommendations on the use of botulinum neurotoxin type A (BoNT/A) in facial aesthetics, there are no global or Russian guidelines on the optimal dose of incobotulinumtoxinA, free from complexing proteins, within specific aesthetic indications. This article reports the outcomes of two expert consensus meetings, conducted to review and analyze efficacy and tolerability data for incobotulinumtoxinA in various facial aesthetic indications and to give expert consensus recommendations to ensure best clinical practice among Russian clinicians.
Parallel Worlds
06 January 2015
Parallel worlds exist not only in the works of science fiction writers. In medicine, in cosmetology they can also be found. In this article we will share the analogies we saw when we visited the Lumenis factory in Israel. It turned out that we have a lot in common with the Israeli developers.
How to avoid rough scarring?
21 November 2014
Since the end of the twentieth century, the status of cosmetology has changed dramatically: from a narrowly applied discipline, it is transforming before our eyes into a highly scientific independent branch of medicine. Incredibly fast introduction in cosmetology of new technologies using different aggressive factors for exposure to soft tissue. At the same time, the issues of prevention of complications, especially the development of rough scarring when using invasive methods, the acceleration of skin repair and reduction of the rehabilitation period remain relevant. In other words, the problems of wound healing.
Play of light and shadow
20 November 2014
How do you make your face look younger while preserving and emphasizing the unique features that are unique to it? Facial modeling and lifting (fill&lift concept), taking into account the play of light and shadow, provide individual balance to facial contours, improving the appearance and emphasizing beauty. Let's talk about accents in volumetric facial correction.
Wound healing
06 February 2014
Scars are skin abnormalities that are difficult to correct, let alone eliminate completely. Therefore, in cosmetic invasive interventions, the prevention of scar formation comes to the fore. Is it possible to achieve the optimal solution here - repair without scarring? What hypotheses are driving the development of new drugs?
Wrinkles of the upper third of the face: typing, clinic, correction programs
06 May 2013
The upper third of the face is an area of special emotional expression, hence the prevalence of mimic wrinkles. What is the etiopathogenesis of their formation? Does the contraction of facial muscles form wrinkles only? What are the main facial expression patterns to take into account when designing wrinkle correction programs in this area?
Aesthetics of the parotid zone
14 January 2013
Suspecting someone of insincerity, we look for proof-oh, even our "ears are burning! We note for ourselves that such lies make our own ears "curl up into tubes". Nevertheless, we ourselves also sin by "putting noodles on our ears". "Smoke coming out of our ears" - describing work at the limit. Distributor of gossip we call the "earwig", but sometimes we do not mind to "whisper in someone's ear" the most intimate things. And then the people around us need to keep "ears on their ear. What a number of popular expressions are connected with the ears! Obviously, they are not the last place in the perception of the face and the person as a whole.
Studying the effect of hyaluronic acid concentration on the viability of mononuclear cells in in vitro culture
06 August 2012
A study of the effect of hyaluronic acid on the viability of mononuclear cells in in vitro culture showed a concentration of hyaluronic acid that has no detrimental effect on MNCs.